Dog Talks and Demos

As my research focuses on dogs and the special bond that they can form with humans, I believe that dogs are a great jumping-off point for discussing anthropology, evolution, domestication, the scientific method, and more with the general public. I love giving talks to the public about dog research. In particular, I have found that live demonstrations of how we study dog cognition are very engaging for the audience.

I have given various talks about dogs, including live demonstrations when possible. Past examples have included the Ask-A-Scientist event at the Grange Fair, a local science summer camp for kids, a Science Pub talk at Big Springs Spirits, a guest lecture in a Penn State anthropology course, and multiple Skype a Scientist talks at K-12 classrooms domestically and internationally.

I can also speak in person at classrooms in the State College, PA, area. This can include giving live, interactive demonstrations of dog cognition where students can participate in the experiments themselves. Please contact me if interested.